OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming & Simulation Software

Octopuz Robot Programming Software

OCTOPUZ is offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for any application. OCTOPUZ took a revolutionary approach to robotic programming by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation, perfect for tech AND sales teams. OCTOPUZ delivers what its name promises: maximum flexibility and versatility for optimum simplicity and efficiency.

Enhanced User Interface
Enhanced User Interface
  • Easily move and dock windows based on user preferences.
  • Improved schema window
  • View and modify imported tool paths and weld paths
  • Ribbon tabs that separate user work flow
  • Quickly switch between views
  • Quick access menus for view, simulation, and manipulation
Cable Modeling
Cable Modeling
  • Create cables on robots that can be used during simulations.
  • Identify and avoid issues such as cable wrapping and cable length limitations
  • Validate prior to running program on actual robot.
  • Control factors such as thickness, length and stiffness
Simulation Analytics
Simulation Analytics
  • Identify and improve the workflow process based on the analytics available for each machine in the layout.
  • Visualize analytics using line, area, bar and pie charts
  • Identify workflow processes and bottlenecks
  • Optimize operations to provide increased efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Simulation data can be easily exported in PDF or Microsoft Excel
  • Simulate real world behavior using components with Physics functionality
  • Simulate feeder, conveyors, container, and pusher that have physics built into them
  • Control the static and dynamic friction factors
  • Apply physics to user geometry
Paint Simulation
Paint Simulation
  • Prepare any component to achieve the level of detail required during the paint process
  • Display either colors or thickness of paint
  • Determine the paint thickness in micrometers on any surface of the painted component
Touch Before Welds
Touch Before Welds
  • Touch sense the entire weld part before starting the weld routine.
  • Save on cycle time and by avoiding to run multiple torch clean routines
  • Reference one touch routine for multiple weld routines
  • Split a single touch and weld routine to a touch only and a weld only routine
Edge Following
Edge Following
  • Generate tool paths using edges available on a component
  • Create a tool path that is offset from the original edge
  • Specify point density in a tool path
  • Adjust motion parameters for the entire tool path
  • Eliminate need for CAM software for basic Tool Paths.
2D Drawing
2D Drawing
  • Create 2D technical drawings of 3D geometry and cell layout
  • Create component Bill of Materials (BOM) with single click.
  • Easily create custom templates for improved document control.
  • File Export and Print
  • Support for leading file formats (dwg, dxf, pdf)