Custom Designed Welding System for Emission Control System Components

The system profiled here is typical of the core capabilities at Banner Welder, wherein we provided the customer with a custom designed welding system to handle the manufacturing of their components. A semi-automatic system was determined as the optimal process for this application; utilizing robotic MIG welding cells to perform the precision welding and subsequent assembly of the CR steel units. The cells are manually loaded and unloaded, with focus paid to operator safety. Components are tested for integrity and quality with leak test procedures.

Turnaround time for this system construction was 28 weeks, furnished to the customer in Michigan. This cost effective solution is capable of carrying out the heavy production needs of our customer. For over 60 years, Banner Welder has been providing high performance welding equipment and systems, boosting per year customer productivity and efficiency. For more details about this custom welding cell project, or our value added offerings including training, contract manufacturing, and automated machinery repair and rebuilding. Please contact us directly.

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Welding System Case Study Highlights

Case Study Name
Emission Control Systems
Case Study Description
This emission control system is used for the GM Program.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Welding & Assembly
Leak Test
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Robotic MIG Welding Cells
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Industry for Use

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