Tooling & Fixture Design

Our experienced engineers and designers at Banner Welder can assist customers in reducing labor costs and increasing quality through expertly designed tooling and fixtures. Precision built tooling is essential to successful manufacturing. Whether the process is automated or performed by an operator, the right tooling ensures that assemblies are joined properly and efficiently every time. We have experience building a variety of automotive underbody, door component, suspension, and other fixtures, jigs, and tooling that build quality into the manufacturing process. This experience translates to any industry interested in increasing throughput and decreasing costs through lean efforts. Customers contact us with a variety of needs from small, single-fixture projects to complete assembly lines. Our staff and shop floor are set up for this type of versatility, ensuring all projects are completed efficiently and with the same high-level service.

Fixtures can be fabricated from a variety of tooling materials including tool steels, stainless steel. All dimensions are checked against prints using CMM equipment and all performance testing is completed to customer specifications. In addition to fixtures and tooling, we have to ability to design and fabricate a range of automated manufacturing equipment. By developing relationships with industrial OEM partners including ABB and Lincoln Electric, we can take stock equipment and integrate it into custom manufacturing systems developed for specific applications. For more information about our ability to design and fabricate custom tooling and fixtures, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Tooling & Fixture Design Capabilities

Tooling Capabilities
Welding Fixtures
Subassembly Fixtures
Final Assembly Fixtures
Poke-Yoke Fixtures
Engineering Capabilities
Total System Design
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Seat Tooling & Fixtures
Floor Latches
Drive Components
40% Seat Components
60% Seat Components
100% Seat Components
Automotive Underbody Tooling
Wheel Housings
Floor Pans
Door Component Tooling
Inner Reinforcements
Window Guides
Intrusion Beams
Suspension Component Tooling
Torsion Bars
Control Arms
Vibration Dampers
Additional Tooling & Fixtures
Instrument Panel Reinforcements
Bumper Reinforcements & Mounts
Trim & Body Components
Engine Cradles
Pillar Assemblies
Muffler Components
Catalytic Converter Shell
Tube Assemblies
Perforated Tube
Motor Shells
Drum /Barrel Assemblies
Customer Specified Materials
Lifting Capacity
10 Tons per Bay
Additional Services
Equipment Design
Custom Manufacturing Automation Systems
System Integration
Preventative Maintenance
Quality & Testing
3-Axis CMM

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Medical Device
Metal Furniture
Mass Transit/Rail
Agricultural Equipment/Heavy Equipment
Metal Stamping
Industrial OEM Partner Suppliers
Lincoln Electric
Genesis Systems Group
Modeling Systems
SolidWorks 2D/3D
Industry Standards & Professional Affiliations

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